peppermint reduces body hair and increases breast size

Can peppermint and spearmint increase your bust?

Peppermint and spearmint are known for their cool, spicy flavor that give mint candies their fresh, cooling flavor.

But did you know that these two common herbs can help your bust blossom? It’s true!

peppermint reduces body hair and increases breast size

Peppermint tea, hormones and body hair

Peppermint tea and spearmint tea are used as a natural remedy to control excess body hair in women (hirsuitism) and to improve digestion.

If you have thicker sideburns or forearm hair or hair around the nipples, chest, chin and upper lip, chances are you have too much testosterone. In this case, peppermint and spearmint are helpful for you.

The way it works is that these natural herbs inhibit testosterone, which causes the excessive body hair to grow on a woman.

Women who drink peppermint tea a few times per day notice the body hair start to thin and even stop growing altogether!

Many studies have been conducted which note this powerful ability of peppermint and spearmint to affect testosterone and other hormone levels in rats and in humans.

Boys who drank too much peppermint or spearmint end up with a condition called gynecomastia, which is to say man-boobs.

On a woman however, it can work wonders and help yield beautiful bosoms.

Peppermint tea and breast enhancement

Because of peppermint tea’s effects on testosterone, it’s not a leap of the imagination to assume that it boosts the female hormones responsible for storing fat on the breasts instead of the waist.

In this regard, testosterone can prevent or stop breast development altogether.

However, peppermint solves this problem by inhibiting testosterone and allowing the other hormones to flourish that may allow for breasts to grow again like in puberty.

Does it really work?

Peppermint or spearmint alone may not work for all women for getting bigger breasts.  Natural breast enhancement is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal and a custom program must be created to meet your personal needs.

For this reason, it’s important to understand your personal hormone profile in order to help your breasts grow naturally.

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