Will gaining weight help make my butt bigger?

will gaining weight help make my butt bigger

A typical question that we are asked here at Her Beauty Reviews is: Will gaining weight make your butt bigger?

Considering that girls blessed with curvy figures might seem to be “heavier” than others, this may seem to be the case.

The real answer is yes and no.

If you know that gaining weight will let you get a bigger booty without making your belly balloon into love handles and a muffin top peeking out over your jeans, then go for it!

If you aren’t worried about cellulite either, then it’s worth a try.

However, some women just don’t have the hormones or the genes to do that. Gaining weight only makes some ladies look pudgy.

If I can’t gain weight to get a bigger butt, what else can I do?

Most people suggest exercise and eating right, taking magic pills or expensive surgery, but nobody has time or money for that.

If you really want to know how to get a shapelier figure and a rounder backside while retaining a healthy body weight in just a couple months, then you need to do the following:

  • An exclusive yet simple exercise regimen to target all of the muscles responsible for your curves
  • A special, low-cost diet and supplement routine you can get at your local health food store

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Nowhere else will you find a simple, quick routine that doesn’t involve lots of boring cardio running or expensive supplements or diets that won’t do anything for your butt.
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